Beer Engine, Danville, KY

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You’re not going to believe this, but on my way to Beer Engine in Danville, Kentucky a local police officer pulled me over to inform me that my tail lights were not on.  I was driving a rental car and apparently hadn’t figured out which headlight mode to use.  I had also just missed a turn and thought he was pulling me over because I was driving a bit strangely.  I was pleasantly surprised when all he was doing was helping me.  But, the story gets better.  He asked me where I was headed.  I sheepishly said I was going to the Beer Engine microbrewery and basically he insisted on escorting me the rest of the way there.  Seriously.  I got a police escort TO a microbrewery.  That’s a first.

The bartender was really cool and he gave me the low-down on their house beers.  I enjoyed a Freedom Ranger American Pale Ale (APA) which was a nice switch-up to the IPA’s I normally order and I also had a taste of the His Dark Materials Stout which was also very nice.  I recommend both.  And, forunately, I didn’t need a police escort afterward.:)

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