Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, DE

2014-02-10 14.52.11     2014-02-10 12.48.48


I stopped in at the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware for a tour.  Dogfish Head has become quite a nationwide craft beer player.  Their brewery is a reflection of that.  It’s really large.  The tour was fun and informative.  We saw the entire production and bottling process.  One of the beers that stood out to me was the Palo Santo Marron which is brewed in wooden palo santo wood vessels from Paraguay.  The story behind the wood is something you’d have to visit the brewery to find out for yourself.  At the end of the tour the samples were plentiful and, of course, I tried the Palo Santo Marron which is a smooth dark beer with complex character.  I also tried the world wide stout, burton baton and 90 minute IPA.  I was so overjoyed that I bought four-packs of each to bring home.  I broke them into sets of one each and gave one set to each of three good friends.  I’ve made it through my set with the exception of the world wide stout which I’m aging for that perfect moment.  Cheers!

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4 thoughts on “Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, DE

  1. I’m surprised you went on their tour. We stopped doing brewery tours on this last trip because we’ve done dozens, and they’re all pretty much the same. It was weird driving to the brewery for us- located in the middle of suburbia.

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