Stone Brewing Company, Escondido, CA

2012-10-09 20.44.43     2012-10-09 20.57.48

So, as it turns out, Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, California is the brewer of my favorite beer, Arrogant Bastard, which is a rich malty and hoppy combination that I love.  I have been fortunate to have enjoyed the tour at Stone Brewing Company and have tasted several of their other beers.  Ruination IPA is a treat and the Enjoy By series has been delicious as well.  The bistro is also a great place for a meal which I have enjoyed twice.

2017-10-02 13.51.38

Five years later and I’m back at Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, California.  My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch in the outdoor section of the bistro.  One of the most delightful experiences we had during our trip to San Diego.  The Peruvian Style Chicken and Duck AL Pastor Tacos were delicious.  I paired this with a flight: Stone Pilot Scorpion Bowl IPA, Stone Pilot Merc Machine, Stone/NOFX Punk in Drublic Hoppy Lager, and Stone Richmond Ruination Double IPA.  All good selections.  With the heat of the food, the discreet flavors of the beers began to run together.  All were hop-forward.  I’d recommend a meal at the bistro and some beer to everyone in the area.

2017-10-02 14.27.40

Back at Stone Brewery World Bistro in Escondido, California with industry colleagues for dinner.  (3/27/18) Great duck tacos and the Tangerine Express IPA is delicious and paired perfectly – my favorite in the flight.  I brought in my old Stone mini-growler and had it filled with Tangerine Express IPA to enjoy with colleagues at lunch today.

2018-03-27 19.13.25



Have you been here? Have you tried this beer?

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